Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Leveling Tips for a Mage

Heres a list of leveling tips for a mage:

1. When you log in make some water and food for you and rebuff up.
2.Spec frost if your not already cause frost is the fastest leveling spec for mages.
3.Try to get gear with +intellect and +stamina, cause without intellect mages are easily killed by mobs.
4.Always use frostbolt to keep the enemy as far away from you for the longest time. If you have the enemy away from you for a long time its easy kills for mages!
5.Once you level past 40 start looking for gear attributes in this order:
  • Intelligence - For your mana pool and spell crit chance
  • Stamina - Until you can survive fights
  • Spell Power
  • Spell Crit
  • Spell hit - Has much more value in PvP and Raids
  • Spell penetration
  • Spell Haste - More useful in raiding than leveling
  • Resilience- Only useful for PvP
  • Resistance - Only useful for raids
this is very important that you have the right type of gear because if you dont your gonna level 2x as slow rather than if you had the proper gear. Well i hope this has help some fellow mages out there XD

1 comment:

  1. wow lol ty for telling me how to gear for raiding at lvl 40, this is gonna be so helpful!

    and ty for the frostbolt tip! i am a fire mage and kill all enemies before they can reach me anyway, but now i understand my mistake and spam frostbolt!