Monday, June 14, 2010

Blizzard Pet Store

i think blizzard should stop with this buying of game materials. Like mounts and pets. There starting to sound like a free mmo now with a cash shop. I think its terrible, I mean you already pay 15$ a month why should you have to pay more for some in game items. post in the comments what you think about this.


  1. yes absolutely! it's unacceptable that we HAVE to pay for a shiny pony or a retarded skeleton!

    come on, what is that, blizzard is trying to make MONEY? from theiur GAME? what are they, a company or something? unacceptable

  2. yeah, i was very surprised when i saw that flying mount everywhere and wanted it and then realize that it was a 'pay' item. I was like 'wtf!' but its WoW and people will dish out if they clicked on the adds a few times =/

  3. wooow thanks man and ya blizzard should have made that mount free or at least earn it through the game