Monday, June 21, 2010

Midsummer For Wow

Midsummer wow event is finally here. Its my personal favorite wow event out of them all. Theres so much do to and everyone is having a blast so tell me in the comments how Midsummer is going for you on Wow

Which class lvls fastest?

In the comments below tell which class in wow you think levels the fastest and give reasons why?

Cataclysm Screenshots of the day

heres a cool goblin screenshot i found on the wow website! every monday ill be posting cataclysm screenshots!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Leveling Tips for a Hunter

Heres some great leveling tips for hunters:

1.Ok first off go spec beast mastery if you havent already its 10x better then marksmanship and survival for leveling.

2.For gear attributes your gonna wanna stack as much agility as you can.Thats your primary attribute.Your gonna wanna stack stamina as well.

3.Always have the best ranged weapon at all times because your ranged weapon is what you do most of your damage with. For the weapon you use in your hands it doesnt really matter what it is just make sure it has good attributes (agility and stamina)

4.Save your money for when you get to level 40 so you can buy a full set of mail armor from the AH.

well i know there wasnt that many tips as there is for the other classes and because hunters are just sooo easy to level XD

Leveling Tips for a Priest

Heres some great leveling tips i picked up playing my shadow priest.

1.When your looking for gear always get spirit over anything else because when you spec shadow and you put your points in spirit tap you get more mana recovery with the more spirit you have.

2.Spec shadow because its the easiest spec to lvl, holy and discipline are very hard to solo lvl with.

3.Always have a great dps wand because when your out of mana and in combat its gonna come in handy.

4.When you ding 40 and if you have 1000g get the duel spec for heals so when you Que. up for randoms or any dungeons the wait time is very short.

5.Once you level past 40 your gonna wanna start looking for these attributes in gear:
- +spellpower/shadow damage
-hit rating
-crit chance
-stamina (only get enough that you need to survive)

well i hoped this has helped!!

Grim Batol

Blizzard has just released the preview for Grim Batol a new instance that will be in cataclysm. to learn more got to

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Leveling Tips for a Warlock

Heres some great tips that i hope can help many warlocks out there!

1. Always have your voidwalker out because it has the most hp out of your pets and it can keep aggro while you just kill the mob.

2.Your gonna wanna spec affliction because its the easiest spec to level with. You can level with demonology but i recommend affliction, the reason for this is because you get a lot more self heals and your dots are a LOT stronger and its easier to kill mobs and you kill them at a faster rate which means faster leveling!

3.The attributes you wanna look for in gear is:
for the lower levels and once you get to the higher levels you also wanna look for:
-spell power
-spell crit
-spell hit rate (for raiding so your spells dont miss as much)

4.Always stock up on food and water when your in a city or town

5.Use your wand a lot to save mana so you dont have as much downtime cause the less downtime the faster your gonna level.

6.Always keep a good amount of soul shards in your bags cause a lot of your spells will need you to use them.

well i hope this has helped some locks out there!!

Guild Duel Tournament

So today my leveling guild im in with my shadow priest was having a guild duel tournament. It was for all levels and anyone could come. I myself participated in the tourny. I actually won my bracket (40-45) XD. I have a video with me dueling as well as some screen shots enjoy!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Leveling Tips for a Death Knight

Heres some leveling tips for Death Knights:

1. Stock up on food whenever your low on it so you have less downtime for when your leveling.
2. Always spend however much gold you need to keep your gear updated. If you have gear thats 6 levels lower than you its gonna affect your leveling speed so always have the most up-to-date gear as you possible can.
3. When buying gear the most important attributes you wanna look for are:

-critical strike rating
-armor penetration
-attack power
-haste and agility

these attributes are listed from most wanted to not as much needed, but all attributes are very much needed.
4.The last thing is to spec blood. Blood is the best leveling spec because it has the least downtime out of all the other Death Knight specs and blood has self heals which is very good for leveling.

I hope this has helped any DK's out there!

Leveling Tips for a Mage

Heres a list of leveling tips for a mage:

1. When you log in make some water and food for you and rebuff up.
2.Spec frost if your not already cause frost is the fastest leveling spec for mages.
3.Try to get gear with +intellect and +stamina, cause without intellect mages are easily killed by mobs.
4.Always use frostbolt to keep the enemy as far away from you for the longest time. If you have the enemy away from you for a long time its easy kills for mages!
5.Once you level past 40 start looking for gear attributes in this order:
  • Intelligence - For your mana pool and spell crit chance
  • Stamina - Until you can survive fights
  • Spell Power
  • Spell Crit
  • Spell hit - Has much more value in PvP and Raids
  • Spell penetration
  • Spell Haste - More useful in raiding than leveling
  • Resilience- Only useful for PvP
  • Resistance - Only useful for raids
this is very important that you have the right type of gear because if you dont your gonna level 2x as slow rather than if you had the proper gear. Well i hope this has help some fellow mages out there XD

Cataclysm Screenshots!

found some really cool cataclysm screenshots
hope you like!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Blizzard Pet Store

i think blizzard should stop with this buying of game materials. Like mounts and pets. There starting to sound like a free mmo now with a cash shop. I think its terrible, I mean you already pay 15$ a month why should you have to pay more for some in game items. post in the comments what you think about this.

Sunday, June 13, 2010


Check out my youtube channel if you havent already to see all of my world of warcraft videos !

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Zygors Leveling Guide Review

so i recently bought a world of warcraft leveling guide to see if they actually worked. I was quite hesitant at first but im glad i bought it watch the video to see why!

Gold MakingTips

okk so heres gonna be a lit of tips to make gold on wow (world of warcraft) and if you follow these tips you should be making gold in no time.

1.first your gonna wanna make a bank alt.A bank alt is a lvl 1 character that stays in a main city (ex:Stormwind,Undercity,etc..)and when your playing on your main or any other toons when you pick up any green,blue,epic purple,cloths,ores,or herbs your gonna wanna send it straight to your bank alt. This will save you loads of time instead if wasting time running to a major city and listing all of these auctions.

2. Get 2 gathering professions (ex:mining,herbalism,skinning) when you get to lvl 5. Theseprofessions you can make lots and lots of gold with. First you gather the herbs the leather and the ores and smelt the ores if you have mining then send them to your bank alt to list the on the AH(auction house).The simple copper bars sell for 15 gold a stack on my server!! Thats just easy gold.

3.Go to and download the addon auctioneer. This is the best tool to make gold on wow.This addon scans the AH and list the prices of how much items go for. A more detailed video about this addon can be found by a wow video maker named Ryutarou

4. Just lvl and have fun. when your lvling just follow these steps and im sure you will make gold in no time.

well tell me in the comments how much this has helped you make gold on world of warcraft.